Oskar Fischinger: Visual Music


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NTSC / Region free / 46 mins total running time

“Oskar Fischinger is one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, embracing the abstraction that became the major art movement of that century, and exploring the new technology of the cinema to open abstract painting into a new Visual Music that performs in liquid time.”
(William Moritz, Optical Poetry)

Oskar Fischinger (1900–1967) undoubtedly is one of the most interesting German (later: American) filmmakers, far ahead of his time. He was a trail-blazing pioneer in many areas of animation film and in general is one of the most accessible avant-garde filmmakers in history. His influence can be clearly detected in music video, and visual music in general. Not to forget his substantial early commercials.


The second Oskar Fischinger DVD contains classics plus some rarely seen films:

  • Composition in Blue, color 1935, 4:00
  • Muratti greift ein, color 1934, 2:40
  • Study no. 8, b&w 1931, 4:20
  • Study no. 5, b&w 1930, 3:10
  • Study no 2, b&w 1930, 2:00
  • An American March, color 1941, 3:00
  • Coloratura, b&w 1932, 1:30
  • Swiss Trip (Rivers and Landscapes), b&w 1934, 12:30

Bonus newly restored animation tests from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, home movies, and more. Includes a booklet. New restored prints and HD transfers.

This is the authorized DVD released by Center for Visual Music, Los Angeles.
Strictly for personal use only!

Composition in Blue [excerpt]

Muratti greift ein [excerpt]

Study no. 8 [excerpt]

An American March [excerpt]