Films as rare as red avocados
– no matter if you call them Experimental or Avant-garde

We are producing and distributing experimental films on DVD – worldwide and at reasonable prices.

We aim to provide DVD editions of exceptional films not to be found anywhere else – films literally as rare as red avocados. We release DVDs by a wide range of internationally acknowledged filmmakers and spanning decades of inspired work.

The first releases are:

AV01 Paul Winkler (Australia): Australian Icons (1977-1998)
AV02 Bastian Clevé (Germany/USA): Journeys (1976-1980)
AV03 Kurt Schwerdtfeger (Bauhaus Weimar): Reflektorische Farblichtspiele (1922/1968)

Coming next:
AV04 Ingo Petzke (Germany): Northern Lights (1975-1984)
AV05 Christoph Janetzko (Germany/USA): Early Masters (1979-1986)