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AV06 Ingo Petzke: Northern Lights

AV06 / Region Code 0 / Slim Case, 15.00 €
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Total DVD running time: 120 mins

AV06-u1If we really strive for emancipation from visual maiming in the cinema, away from institutionalised viewing-schemata on TV, it is not sufficient to keep expanding the boundaries and to start breaking new visual grounds. In addition to the small avant-garde of filmmakers doing so, we need an army of others starting to sow and cultivate the ploughed-up grounds and who will bring in the harvest for the benefit of those still visually undernourished. Werner Nekes, the doyen of German Experimental Film once claimed that the first trains were more important than golden stage coaches. Well, alright then, let’s use these newly-developed means of visual trans-portation to advance into the new grounds into which the tracks have been laid down for years by the Avant-garde.

(Ingo Petzke in a manifesto in 1975)

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AV05 Christoph Janetzko: Lowlands

AV05 / Region Code 0 / SlimCase / € 15.00

Produced with generous assistance of Nordmedia Hannover

Total DVD running time: 123 mins

av05-dvd470Christoph Janetzko is one of the most important German filmmakers of the post-iconic era. This collection is the first-ever reproduction of his films on DVD.

35 years of filmmaking. Of struggling, of not succumbing. Of resisting, of fighting, of succeeding. In short: a working life of highest artistic integrity. A working life of films not about art but films as art “Experimental films are narrative as well. They tell stories about time and space.” (Janetzko). More …

AV04 de Nooijer: Dutch Masters

AV04 / Region Code 0 / SlimCase / € 15.00

Total DVD running time: 181 mins

Paul de Nooijer (* 1943) has been making films for 40 years now – an incredible achievement in a field not exactly showered by public interest and funding. His reputation is solidly based on works displaying mostly ‘illusionism’ – the interdependency of film and photography. Since son Menno (*1967) joined in this ‘family business of art’ as a full-fledged partner in 1989, the films became faster and more colourful. But more importantly, the focus of their artistic efforts slightly shifted from just photography and film to a combination with theatre and performance. De Nooijer consciously opted for a blend of traditional disciplines based on the ideals of the Gesamtkunstwerk and Oscar Schlemmer’s interdisciplinary Bauhaus theatre. In this concept photography and film formed part of a larger, total event. More …

Phillip Noyce – Backroads to Hollywood (by Ingo Petzke)

Hard cover / 402 p, 28 photographs, CD-ROM / Sydney 2004, ISBN 1-4050-3595-1

Originally A$45.00 – Amazon offers for US$83.00 – our price €25.00 incl VAT + postage!

Outside our “normal” line of products we offer this authorised biography of Australian-born Hollywood director Phillip Noyce – his only biography so far. The book was never published outside Australia – we offer while our limited stocks – brand new – last. More …

AV03 Kurt Schwerdtfeger (Bauhaus Weimar): Reflektorische Farblichtspiele

AV03 / Region Code 0 / SlimCase / € 15.00

German with English subtitles. Produced with generous assistance of Nordmedia Hannover

av03-dvd-150Though the Bauhaus wasn’t directly involved in all art forms, it definitely exerted interesting impulses nevertheless. A particular point in case is Kurt Schwerdtfeger’s 1922 Reflektorische Farblichtspiele [Reflecting Colour-Light-Play]. Originally conceived as a play for one of the famous Bauhaus Lantern Festivals, it premiered at the Kandinsky home and kind of revolutionised the spatial aspect of 20th century sculpture. At the same time it equals the German abstract films of the early 1920s and is a predecessor of performance art, light shows and expanded cinema. Consequently, the Play was re-discovered and re-staged in the 1960s and has been in demand ever since. More …

AV02 Bastian Clevé: Journeys

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AV02 / Region Code 0 / SlimCase / € 15.00
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“What lies beyond  reality? Are there ways to take different approaches? Can I visualize things which do not exist in the material world? Can I create visual music and compose with light, imagery, color and shapes which are not animated but are to be found in reality? Can I create imagery the way musical composers create symphonies? Those were the questions I asked myself once I had seen enough “Hollywood”-type movies.

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AV01 Paul Winkler: Australian Icons

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AV01 / Region Code 0 / SlimCase / 15.00 €
also available: Streaming as VOD

“Filmmaking has always been a journey into the unknown for me. Each new film demands its own trajectory. I might start with a particuliar idea and than after the first 100 feet of exposed film comes back, the imagines tell me which way to go or not to go.

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