Alive and Kickin’

We are proud to annouce that Nordmedia recently awarded support to our next DVD called Lowlands featuring three films by Christoph Janetzko, prominent German experimental film maker active domestically and internationally since 1979. The DVD will contain his arts-funded works:

SW 1  –  15 min., 16mm, sound, colour &  B/W, 1985

VOM FLUSS – RIVER COLORS  –  60 min., 16mm, sound, colour, 1994

ARNOS TONLABOR  –  8 min., 35mm, sound, colour, 2010

Arnos Tonlabor







In further developments:

We are planning to include re-publishing of out-of-print or hard-to-get books and documents for download on our web site. The first one will be WERNER NEKES 1966 – 1973, a documentation originally released by Studienkreis Film at Bochum University in February 1974 for the first major retrospective of this most iconic German experimental film maker. It’s been out of print ever since. 112 p. Stills in MUCH BETTER quality than back then – also some in colour. (Sorry folks, in German only!!!)

So stay tuned and visit this site perhaps a bit more often than recently… 🙂



Our DVDs are available at two different price levels to give you peace-of-mind:
15.00 € strictly limited to private home use – no rights included whatsoever
80.00 € institutional use – incl rights to use in class and to hold in library

Please, note that henceforth we won’t honour orders for private use DVDs if paid by an institution or with institutional delivery address. If in doubt get in touch with us – we are not in it for the money but because we are passionate about these films!