Phillip Noyce – Backroads to Hollywood (by Ingo Petzke)

Hard cover / 402 p, 28 photographs, CD-ROM / Sydney 2004, ISBN 1-4050-3595-1

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Outside our “normal” line of products we offer this authorised biography of Australian-born Hollywood director Phillip Noyce – his only biography so far. The book was never published outside Australia – we offer while our limited stocks – brand new – last.noyce

This is how the publisher PanMacmillan advertised the book:

Phillip Noyce is one of the world’s most successful film directors and an Australian icon. His directing credits cover the film-making spectrum from Hollywood blockbusters to prize-winning films that show-case the art of the director.

Biographer Ingo Petzke gained unprecedented access to Noyce and the legends who have worked with him to write Phillip Noyce: Backroads to Hollywood.

Each subsequent chapter of this biography offers a riveting behind-the-scenes account of Noyce’s major projects from Backroads and the award-winning Newsfront onto directing films that launched his international career and established his status as an A-league Hollywood director including Dead Calm, Blind Fury, Clear and Present Danger, Sliver, The Saint and The Bone Collector. The book offers an entertaining insider’s view of Noyce’s major projects, the art of filmmaking, and the complexities of working in one of the most powerful and intriguing industries.

Petzke includes just enough outrageous off-screen antics to appeal to lovers of gossip and film fans alike. He paints a portrait of Noyce as a creative, dynamic, inspired, obsessive, inquisitive, practical and gifted filmmaker, who always acknowledges the contribution of each member of his cast and crew.

The book comes with a CD-ROM packed with hundreds of film stills, storyboards, an additional chapter on Noyce’s US television work and Petzke’s Hollywood diary.

The book covers all his films up until and including The Quiet American (so nothing on Catch A Fire and Salt).

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