Stop Press: Bastian Clevé – Journeys

We stopped the press indeed as we just re-discovered a doco from 1983 which we simply HAVE to include as bonus on the DVD.

Produced in 1983 and running for 29:25 mins, Clevé talks about his early films and their making in an interview situation. The interview is conducted in German but dubbed over in English spoken by Clevé himself. We will upload the precise English wording of the interview for your convenience to this web site at a later stage.

Unfortunately, the source is a VHS tape [sorry – Blue Ray quality nowhere on the horizon in those days…] but as far as known this is the only existing tape of its kind. A substantial part of the tape shows excerpts of his films. The ones featured are (in order of appearance): Echo (1983) / Kaskaden (1983) / Zenith (1981) / Empor (1977) / Götterdämmerung (1974) / Fatehpur Sikri (1981) / San Francisco Zephyr [medley] (1978) / Winterlandschaft (1983) / Lichtblick (1976)

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