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“Filmmaking has always been a journey into the unknown for me. Each new film demands its own trajectory. I might start with a particuliar idea and than after the first 100 feet of exposed film comes back, the imagines tell me which way to go or not to go.

There is always a kind of pull between me and the material photographed, something opens up. If everything works out fine and the imagines connect to me and i can almost hear the sound they want, it is one hell of elation running through jour body and mind, unbelievable. To sum up:my approach to filmmaking is primarily an organic one. The films are a synthesis of the intellect and emotion all filtered through the plastic material of film. I try to let imagines flow freely to the surface”

(Paul Winkler).

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These images are clearly marked by the use of devices to create them. Winkler may briefly show the unaltered image in the beginning of a film. But inevitably processing will occur, and Winkler’s “low-tech invention pushes the possibilities of comparatively simple mechanics and long-known camera devices to their outer limits and beyond” (Ingo Petzke). Mostly, these are still and moving mattes and the optical printer but also some inventions of his own. They always result in refreshingly new images full of sensual impressions.



  1. Sydney Harbour Bridge (1977)
    16mm, colour, sound, 13mins
    Gold Award – Best Experimental, Australian Film Awards 1979
  2. Bondi (1979)
    16mm, colour, sound, 15mins
    Silver Award – Experimental, Australian Film Awards 1979
  3. Ayers Rock (1981)
    16mm, colour, sound, 21mins
    (produced by CINE PRO, Germany)
    Price money, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1983
  4. Time out for Sport (1996)
    16mm, colour, sound, 17mins
    Best Editing, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1996
    Finalist – Dendy Awards Sydney Film Festival 1996
  5. Rotation (1998)
    16mm, colour, sound, 17mins
    Directors Choice Award, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, USA 2000
    Best Experimental Film, Melbourne Film Festival 1999
    Finalist, Dendy Award, Sydney Film Festival 1998

    Honorable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1999
  6. Bonus: © Paul Winkler (2005)

    MiniDV, colour, sound, 11 mins
    Portraitfilm by Mark Daley, Nicole Reid and Dominik Muench
    Produced in “Avant-garde Film” at Bond University, Australia

Total running time 94 mins

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